As a professional realtor in Modesto, CA, I work with all sorts of clients who are involved with all types of real estate deals.  If you are selling your home or buying your new home or are interested in relocation, a specialist in real estate can help smooth the path to whatever lies at the end of your real estate journey.  With my experience working with real estate in Modesto, CA and my outstanding knowledge of the area, I offer my clients a level or service that’s not often found with others in the real estate industry.

Working with clients has given me the greatest joy in my professional career as a realtor.  Whether my clients are first time buyers or someone who has owned several homes, the real joy of real estate is working with great people and contributing to helping them realize their dream of owning their own home.  Achieving the biggest sale and succeeding at a complex negotiation can’t beat watching a first time home buyer holding the keys to their new house.

The services of a real estate agent are always evident because so much takes place behind the scenes.  Here’s a brief explanation of services that I do for my clients on a regular basis.

Knowing the Market

If you are selling your home, I can help you establish an asking price that works for your neighborhood and the current market. I have a thorough knowledge of Modesto and the surrounding area—that knowledge of the history of a certain area lets me know how well that neighborhood holds its value.  Although the Internet lets everyone research the price of homes in a neighborhood, only a pro knows if a home is underprice or overpriced for the market.

Also, my familiarity with what’s for sale can help buyers save time when they are looking at homes.  Once I know the type of home you are looking for, its features and the amenities of the neighborhood, I also know what’s available throughout the area, and I zero in on only great matches to what you need.  You won’t waste your precious time looking at houses that are not a fit.

Handling the Details

Although the process of buying and selling a home isn’t necessarily stressful, it can be complicated, filled with paper work, and as well as hiding a few bumps in the road.  As your real estate professional, I’m accustomed to all the paperwork and can help you complete it fully and accurately.  Also, if there are any questions after closing, I ‘m one of those real estate agents who sticks around to help you with any issues that may come up.

In other words, as your agent, I’m here for you every step of the way. You can rely on me to be there for you when you most need it.